Best Earbuds are the most conventional way to boost your morale during your workout sessions or while you are travelling and even when you are having a gala time. They are available in almost all the electronic gadgets and can be utilized for the cell phones, MP3 players etc. They are though very simple to use yet can cause risk to ear damage and hearing loss if over used.

Earbuds are of much small in size and are equipped with two tiny speakers having wires connected to the stereo. They can be easily fixed just outside your ear canal and are very easy to use and portable. Not just easy and convenient to use, they are also available at the most affordable rates. There are specially designed earbuds for exercises or workouts to motivate you for the same. It is equipped with the flexible arm pits that can be adjusted over the outer surface of the user’s ear. This is known as ear clip which is fixed to the speaker from the front side. This makes the earbuds fixed in a particular situation while you are performing your workouts or exercises-even though you are cycling or running.

But earbuds have some negative effects too. They are not able to provide dynamism in range which is generally found in maximum number of headphones and canal phones at a given volume. This is a reason why users mostly set the volume at a higher level to prevent noise from its surroundings. It can cause the risk of hearing loss to a considerable degree.

As earbuds are placed just outside the ear canal, they easily infuse sound inside the ear. As a consequence, you get the sound at considerably higher level. Also they are found just near the sensitive membrane, which raises the chances to the risk of ear damage or hearing loss. But you can reduce the chances of hearing loss if you use the same for not more than 45 minutes per day, and set the volume to not more than 65 per cent.

Moreover you should also adequately make use of the earbud accessories which includes fitted ear canal tips. Some of the ear buds are also equipped with protective layer of stick-on material. This protective layer helps you in absorbing perspiration. The earbuds with these protective covering assists you in running, walking and performing exercises. The best earbuds also have small plastic braces which constitute a part of accessories. They are adequately fitted for preventing any damage to the earbud wires and also to any other electronic connections which are found in earbud speakers. Though these braces are generally uncomfortable to use yet they are the best if you buy such an accessory. Earbuds are your prodigy so use it with care to get its best advantage.

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