If you are planning to buy earphones, you look for many features but I rank ‘comfort’ as the foremost feature and in this article I will discuss this feature only in detail.

In short you can summarize ‘comfort’ in terms of how you feel an earphone on the ear. Every person has different ear shape and size and moreover the shape of ear canals of both the ears of same person can be different. So to predict if the given earphone will be loose or tight is very difficult. But there are certain things which increase the comfort and satisfaction of the users.

Earphones vary widely in terms of size, shape and location. It is seen if the earpiece is smaller, it requires less additional support and will be more comfortable but sometimes little shape issues can also make even small earphones difficult to wear.     

Besides size, canalphones mostly depend upon padded covers i.e. soft tips to fit into your ears. These tips can be made of porous foam or coated foam or silicone rubber, or soft plastic but recently coated foam is preferred over silicone. Rubber material has also become a choice these days as it makes earphones more comfortable whereas many companies’ use fabric covers to reduce ear fatigue but these covers are more susceptible to tearing. You would be surprised to know that right tips can make a hell of difference in both comfort and sound as without right tips even the best earphones will sound terrible.  

Weight can also become a critical factor in determining comfort if the earphones are exceptionally heavy. Generally weight of the earphones including their cables varies from 4 grams to 30 grams. If the headphones weigh more than 30 grams, and also their weight is unevenly distributed, then they will be a cause of discomfort only.  

Cable’s length, symmetry and material also play an important part in determining comfort level. The right range of cable length is 4 to 5 feet as too long cable will only dangle whereas too short will not reach to your music gadget. You often see that cable on one earphone is longer than other side. This is done so as to redistribute the earphones’ weight but many find this annoying and uncomfortable. Even the plugs used on earphones cables vary considerably. Some are straight whereas some are curved and curved ones are better than straight as they relieve the strain and are more comfortable. Lastly the cable’s material also impacts the earphones longevity, weight and sound. Thinner cables reduce weight of earphones but can snap whereas thicker cables produce tiny echoes which you hear when moving around. Thus you will find the best earphones with detachable and replaceable cables.

Above mentioned are some of the aspects in terms of ‘comfort’ to be looked for in when buying earphones.

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