Printhead 911 has been working for new and Refurbished Printhead for over 10 years now. The Company has experience in selling new and Refurbished Printhead and fixing, repairing grand format printers..Other than Refurbished Printhead, Printhead 911 also deals in Uv Ink, and Bulk Ink for all printers available. Printhead 911 guarantees that whatever it sells it is 100% reliable; means all the Refurbished Printheads , UV inks, and Bulk Ink (all types) are 100% reliable and if by any chance sold thing is not good, then Prinhead 911 would replace it as it takes its customers very seriously. It is often the case that a person prefers Refurbished Printheads rather than brand new Printhead because there is a huge cost difference between these two Printheads.

UV ink (Ultraviolet ink) acts like a liquid plastic because it is a thick substance and its range is 1000-5000 centipoises i.e. have a higher viscosity then other water based liquids. Its viscosity determines the percentage of ink to be transferred. UV inks have a lower transfer factor because of its thickness. UV ink requires energy between 100-500 milli-joules per centimeter square for reactions. Its reactivity on other inks is never low. UV ink is flexible (elastic) and resistance. It is soft inside. UV ink show different reactions in chemical resistance. UV ink is better to be cured as the measurement test of printing process starts after the ink is cured. It is never used in print materials where there is health risk for humans. Its direct contact with food is avoided. Printhead 911 sells UV ink too.

Printhead 911 also sells Ink in Bulk too; there are many companies that make Bulk Ink Bottles; Printhead 911 deals in all these company’s inks. Some of the most bestselling Bulk Ink Bottles are: HP 9000/Seiko 64s Bulk Ink Bottle, Roland/Muoch Bulk Ink Bottle, Miamaki JV3 Bulk Ink Bottle, Miamaki CVJ30 Bag-Based Bulk Ink System, and Inkstream Lite-S Bulk Ink System all these Bulk Ink Bottles are of 1 Liter Capacity. Hence Printhead 911 provides complete solution for Printer and Ink related problems. The company is also online, and online booking is also available. Printhead 911 also offers Tips and Tricks for keeping the Printer, and Ink healthy so that the customers can use their Printers and Inks safely and for longer period of time. Printhead 911 cares about its customers, and its first priority is Customers.

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