Buying the best earphones is not a simple task rather you have to take in certain considerations while buying them. Let’s have a look at them:

Ranking of the five key factors importance wise: The five basic factors while buying any pair of headphones are Sound, Looks, Comfort, Price, and Durability, and every user will have his or her own view regarding which category to be given the most importance and which one the least. Thereby it is highly suggested to rank them according to your personal preference before starting your search for the best earphones and focus on the top three when buying.

Latest Trends in Earphone Sound Quality: In the past, the earphones which were more expensive, having neutral audio, were considered the perfect ones but due to advancement in miniature speaker technology, and market research, and engineering, now the expensive earphone makers are also putting their efforts in making the earphones which produce the sound in a way that makes music sound better to the listeners. This effect is known as sound coloration and the most common type of sound coloration is ‘extended bass’ these days. You have to see the sound curve which is right for you and it is highly advised to prefer balance with little bass and treble enhancement.

Return Policy: It is likely that you won’t be able to try earphones before buying them so it becomes important to check for the return policy of your seller. It is advised to avoid the sellers which charge fees for returned earphones.

Satisfaction: According to social scientist Herbert Simon, people have a tendency to settle for those things which may not be optimal but still can meet their minimum expectation level and this type of behavior is known as satisficing behavior. Now if you will buy earphones without making any comparisons with other earphones available in market, it is likely that you will be either satisfied and wanting to keep them or dissatisfied and wanting to return them regardless of the fact if something better could have been done. This can be a good or a bad thing depending upon your liking and tastes.

Reduced returns: It doesn’t mean if you spend twice money, you will get earphones twice as good. So spend wisely when making a buying decision depending upon the fact you are a typical or a serious or a casual listener as the earphones range from $300 to $50.

So when selecting the best earphones, do keep in mind above mentioned considerations, it will help a lot to buy the perfect one.

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