Jogging daily without music is certainly a boring and monotonous activity and to overcome this boredom, joggers use walkman, mobile phones, IPods, etc while doing their workouts. These different gadgets may be a choice for a music player but choice of a headphone is more important as you need to have special jogging headphones which can withstand all the vigorous movements of your body.

Since jogging involves lot of bouncing, there are more of chances that your headphone may fall off or the quality of the sound gets hampered. The headphones should also be able to absorb the amount of sweat produced while jogging. Now there are special jogging headphones available in the market, which have all the features of making your workouts comfortable as well as enjoyable. But the question arises how to select the best ones from such a huge variety available. In order to select the best jogging headphones, you need to take in consider what features and style you prefer and above all provides you a comfortable fitting.

Generally jogging headphones are available in 3 main styles: headphones having a band which stretches across the top of head (vertical band), headphones having a band which holds firmly the earpieces behind the neck or head (horizontal band) and ear-clip headphones. Ear-clip headphones are preferred by those joggers who don’t like bands pressing their heads from top or back but the headphones which do not have band may fall off during exercise. The price of these styles also varies with horizontal- band style and ear-clip headphones being 3 times more expensive than the vertical-band styles.

There are different features available in different jogging headphones. They are models which are water resistant and they are best for those who jog around or exercise regardless of the type of weather. Then there are wireless behind-the-head models that come with iPod or MP3 connections and there are also iPhone compatible headphones having durable and voice activated microphones. Wireless headphones with a horizontal or vertical band are the best choice if you like to listen music from your iPod or MP3 player as they are sturdier than other regular wireless headphones and are designed in a way that they can withstand all the bouncing and vigorous jogging.

Now if you think you have found the perfect piece of jogging headphones still it is highly advised before buying, if possible, that you should try to wear it for at least 10 minutes so that you can determine if any pressure is exerted on your head or neck or is uncomfortable to your ears.

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