All the enthusiastic runners with their ear buds on would never want their ear buds to fall again and again and also protect themselves from any infection. The regular runners will ensure their ear buds fit perfectly well in their ears and do not fall out.

Following are some of the tips to make effective use of your ear buds. These tips if followed will guarantee you the best use of these earbuds for running and a quality sound too.

It is always best that you should clean your ear buds before use. Naturally running causes a lot of sweating which can create moisture in turn which can cause bacterial infection in your ears. It is best that you should swab your ear buds with the help of alcohol much before you use it. Alcohol kills the germs ensuring your complete security while you run.

Next best thing is to buy earbuds for running which have plastic covers over their speakers. These covers are made of gel, which are molded to give the shape of your ear and ear canal. This ensures that your ear buds give you better fit so it is less prone to getting bounced while you run.

Always try to keep a check on the orientation process of your ear buds. Many of them have an L or R printed over their bud to give us indication that in which ear our ear bud should go. While this issue is of very trivial in nature, but each bud is shaped as per the size and fit of the ear.

Always try to fix your earbuds for running through your shirt, while getting your musical player clipped on your shorts. The less way the cord makes it movement, there will be the less likelihood for the ear bud to fall out. By placing the cord just against your chest makes sure to keep it immobilized.

Just place a sweatband around your head and below your ears to make your ear buds secure and in place. This would help to keep the sweat away from the ear buds and also keep them secure.

You can also keep your ear buds intact with the help of ear clips. These clips can be clipped around your ears to keep them in your place.

In short for the effective use of earbuds for running, it is best to follow the above mentioned tips though they are very adaptable yet sometimes can create nuisance.

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