Jogging is fun for many but can also be quite dull too especially when we are doing it alone and in the same area each day. But this boredom should not de-motivate you to perform your jogging so the best solution is listening to your favorite music with the help of either your iPod or MP3.  Listening to the music while jogging can motivate you and increase your energy level and this you can easily do it with the jogging headphones fixed to your ears.

Since jogging involves lot of bouncing, there is every possibility that your headphones may fall off or the sound performance is hampered. But there are now headphones which especially meet the sportspersons needs like that of jogging and created in way that they are easily fixed to your ears. You also have jogging headphones equipped with the in-ear sound isolating system which remains attached to the head by ear loops and avoid the sweat by keeping the ear canal sealed. One of the disadvantages of this type of headphones is that your safety level is compromised as you will not be able to hear sounds outside such as sound of an approaching car or warning shout. Such sound isolating headphones are not recommended as you also need to be alert to the happenings of your surroundings when going for jogging outside.

There are also many jogging headphones which are designed keeping in the mind the comfortable level for longer periods, because in case you are planning to jog for one hour, it is the best to have these headphones as these are very light. These headphones will not allow you to disturb anyone else at the same time isolate you from noisy happenings around you. But these headphones can keep on falling off while you are jogging and you are again and again putting them back, but sporadically putting it back again and again while you are running for long distance is more convenient to you. In these jogging headphones, there is no need for you to have a rope or wire which is attached from the music player or any kinds of cords that may stick onto your sweating body or meddle with your jogging.

However I suggest Zippearz ear buds having 10 mm speakers and it is guaranteed that they will never fall off as they are placed so nicely that even if you are performing high activity exercise, they will not come off.

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